Meet Placenote, your new sticky notepad.


Placenote lets you organize and share information through virtual sticky notes attached to objects and physical spaces. Available for iPhone or iPad.

Virtual Labels for Real Objects and Spaces.

Placenote brings cutting-edge augmented reality to a simple app on your iPhone. Create simple and interactive labels around you to effectively communicate ideas with others.

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Placenote example 1
Placenote example 2

Smart Instructions on Products.

Using a drill press, fixing a paper jam or jump-starting your car, can be pretty scary tasks if you’re not an expert. Placenote lets you create smart instructions in AR, exactly where you need them, so anyone can be an expert at anything.

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Simple Indoor Wayfinding.

Help people navigate indoor spaces like pros. Create directions, label special areas or design your own scavenger hunt in spaces like your Airbnb, office or museum.

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Placenote example 3


People around the world are using Placenote to make information sharing fun, contextual and effective in any situation. Here are some examples.

Placenote For Business

If you are a business interested in Placenote for your spaces (retail, museum, university, manufacturing, industrial inspection etc.) please get in touch with us on our contact page. We would be happy to discuss how augmented reality can work for you.

Placenote for business

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