Redesign how people interact with the world

Our tools let developers build spatial user interfaces for the real world. Real time 3D mapping and indoor visual positioning powered by computer vision for iOS apps.

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Spatial Notes

Build apps that annotate the world with virtual sticky notes.

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spatial notes

3D Scanning

Build apps that capture 3D models of physical spaces.

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3d scanning

Persistent AR

Build immersive AR experiences linked to physical locations.

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3d scanning
spatial computing cloud

The Future of Mobile Apps is Spatial

Spatial computing is going to transform the way people interact with the world around them. Placenote gives you the tools to build this future, today.

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Built for Developers

Placenote is the easiest way to build and deploy spatial apps on mobile. The SDK includes several open-source sample projects that give you fully functional starting points for your app ideas.

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spatial computing cloud

Lightning Fast

Placenote brings lightning fast 3D mapping and localization performance wrapped in a simple, highly customizable SDK.

Cloud Platform

Placenote's integrated cloud spatial engine lets developers build and deploy apps fast, without managing infrastructure.

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