Annotate the world.

Let people leave virtual sticky notes for others to find.

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Solve problems with augmented reality.

Build practical apps that make the lives of onsite workers easier in the construction, maintenance, manufacturing and inspection industries.

onsite data entry
Simplify data entry onsite.

Field personnel commonly capture photos, notes and sketches to tag issues during inspections. Build simple, intuitive interfaces to drastically simplify data entry in the field.

link AR to blueprint
Link AR data to drawings.

Indoor position tracking powered by computer vision means you can track exactly where on the job site a specific user or an issue is, down to a few centimeters.

Use Cases

Discover how businesses are using the spatial notes SDK.


Tag issues during punch list and inspection walkthroughs.


Present contextual training data for maintenance technicians.

iOS data visualization

View iOT sensor data overlaid on device, in location.

Curious about how it works?

Placenote is powered by visual positioning technology built around the mobile camera.

Explore how Placenote works »

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