Well that was a heck of a month. We hope that everyone reading this is doing well during this confusing time and that everyone is safe and healthy! Now that the March epoch is over, we are due for our next issue of the Placenote newsletter.

Spatial Studio

We’ve been working on something that we think is really cool. This is Spatial Studio, the fastest way to turn any space into a shareable, interactive 3D model with just your iPhone

Spatial Studio: Alpha Version 0.1
Spatial studio companion app version 0.1 test video. Features: 1. Meshing with live mesh feedback 2. Save and upload (phone needs to stay open during upload)...

If you would like to be one of the first to try this, go ahead and click here!


Try out this face painting app that was made by Neil during one of our internal hackathons. Using the ARkit facemesh,  you can directly draw on your face with touch input from the screen. This only works for iPhones with FaceID, so iPhone 10 and up!

Join the Facenote By Placenote beta
Available on iOS
click here to download!

Remote Tools

You're probably tired of reading 21 tweet work-from-home threads in your gloomy timeline, but here's one more thing. Placenote has been working remotely for most of the history of the company. Most of our team is based around Toronto and 2 people are in the US in San Francisco and another down in Phoenix.

With the huge shift into remote work over the last couple months, we had a feeling the transition would be pretty rough for lots of people. So here's a list of the tools that we use that help us take on different tasks as a company.


We use slack for obvious reasons. It is one of the best tools for quick communication and serves us well as a small team!


Notion is as if Trello, Google Suite, and Evernote had a very stylish baby. We use Notion mainly as a document storage platform. We make internal documentation for ourselves and use the kanban boards for task management. The cool thing about this tool is that it is about what you make it. Notion was designed very tastefully in that it's not trying to be a tool for everything, but rather it is so fluid that it really depends what you make of it. It might take a day or so to learn how to use, but it's really cool.


Tandem is our favorite way to audio or video call any teammate at the click of a button. While working from home, you may notice how calling a co-worker over Zoom or Slack can seem like a bit of a chore, it's not quite as easy as being able to pop over to someone's desk for a second. Tandem makes a video calling a very simple and informal experience. Little details like teammate statuses, focus mode, specific team channels turn it into a really seamless experience. If you click on a name in tandem a call is immediately started and your co-worker can hear you talking, all you have to do is toggle off the mute button to start talking.


One of the most difficult things is doing creative work remotely with a team. We use Miro as our remote whiteboard. It is excellent for conducting team workshops where you would need to create a rough sketch, use post-its, draw arrows, or share photos in one spot. It has an incredible suite of tools for its free tier and great device support.

Productivity Apps

Feeling like you're not as productive as you'd like to be at home? Try these!
Forest - an app that grows your virtual forest as long as you stay off your phone. Add coworkers as friends to see who can grow the biggest forest every day
Motion - A chrome extension that keeps you off of time-sucking websites.

Other Interesting things

👩‍💻 DynamicWebPaige @ 🏠 on Twitter
“🌸This magnolia tree isn’t real. 💻 “NeRFs are able to represent detailed scene geometry with complex occlusions, and visualize depth maps for rendered novel views computed as the expected termination of each camera ray in the encoded volume.” We live in the gosh-dang future. https://t.co/sb9fFTLNG6…
Probably the coolest thing here 

Angjoo Kanazawa on Twitter
“Our code for PIFu: Single-View Full Body 3D Digitization, including Clothing from a single input image is now on Github with *MIT* license! Thanks to collaborators S. Saito, Z. Huang, R. Natsume, S. Morishima, and Hao Li from Waseda University and USC https://t.co/dazmNCrooT https://t.co/QXbD0jEkV5…
Single input image to textured 3d model

Michael Black on Twitter
“New @CVPR2020. VIBE: Video Inference for Human Body Pose and Shape Estimation. SOTA 3D human pose and shape from video. @mkocab_ & @athn_nik at @PerceivingSys Code etc.: https://t.co/f4pChJESMa Video: https://t.co/0hIzeVMNFU…
Human Body Pose

Toronto-3D: A Large-scale Mobile LiDAR Dataset for Semantic Segmentation of Urban Roadways
Semantic segmentation of large-scale outdoor point clouds is essential for urban scene understanding in various applications, especially autonomous driving and urban high-definition (HD) mapping. With rapid developments of mobile laser scanning (MLS) or mobile Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sys…
Urban outdoor point cloud dataset

Gray Crawford on Twitter
“I’d love to share my VR Master’s Thesis, completed May ’19 ✨Developing Embodied Familiarity with Hyperphysical Phenomena✨https://t.co/utqJkS4l6x a culmination of VR prototypes + philosophical essays on 🌌spatial intuition with novel physics ✍️bodily ownership+representation https://t.co/DKnjbBoxR5…
A very cool XR thesis

🌀 on Twitter
“The girlfriend & I went on a museum date over the weekend — animal crossing Then when playing w/ a friend online We also went to the museum When bae noticed this... she got visibly upset — half jokingly but half not This will only increase as virtual worlds grow in importance”
A note on how the 3d world can impact us

Advanced Scene Understanding in AR - Tech Talks - Videos - Apple Developer
ARKit 3.5 and RealityKit provide new capabilities that take full advantage of the LiDAR Scanner on the new iPad Pro. Check out ARKit 3.5...
The new lidar iPad is sweeeet

sim2real on Twitter
“TartanAir: A Dataset to Push the Limits of Visual SLAM https://t.co/jHb30ZWbBI https://t.co/Riz5oupPUs”
Robot navigation dataset

That's the end. Stay happy and healthy!

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