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Since we started, we've always used Slack as our primary support channel for all issues related to Placenote. As we grew, we loved the engagement we got on Slack but it became difficult to respond to questions in an organized manner. With the new Placenote Forum, we can more easily address questions, and quickly find answers to previously asked questions.

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📓 Our most recent blog posts

Design a Responsive 3D Cursor for ARKit Apps in Unity
Hit Testing is one of my favorite features in ARKit on iOS. It lets you point at an arbitrary surface or object in the real world and get an accurate 3D coordinate position of the point you’re aiming at. As simple as it is, this means you can place and manipulate content at very precise locations in…

In this post from our CEO, Neil, he walks you through a detailed tutorial in creating a "cursor" for your AR app. It's a scene-intelligent point that can estimate depth and interact with the scene accordingly. This is a part of how we can place notes on different points in the environment with our Spatial Notes App.

What I learned from a product teardown of Google Lens
Google Lens was introduced in 2017 as a tool that expands on how users interact with search.

Avery, our Product Manager, wrote this interesting piece on finding AR design inspiration from existing products. Google Lens does a great job with interaction design that incentivizes certain behaviors from the users. Give this a read if you're interested in designing for AR!

Announcing SDK 1.8
Overall design improvements to the mapping and localization interface as well as a brand new set of sample projects.

If you missed this... here's our Placenote 1.8 release and everything new about it! Check out our new sample projects and new features.

🚀 Some other cool stuff we've found on the internet

3D Dynamic Scene Graphs: Actionable Spatial Perception with Places, Objects, and Humans
We present a unified representation for actionable spatial perception: 3D Dynamic Scene Graphs. Scene graphs are directed graphs where nodes represent entities in the scene (e.g. objects, walls, rooms), and edges represent relations (e.g. inclusion, adjacency) among nodes. Dynamic scene graphs (DSGs…

These researchers have deconstructed 3D space into a single hierarchical representation called a Dynamic Scene Graph. It's an interesting way to break down spatial data into different concepts, and they have also modeled spatio-temporal relations.

PyTorch3D is FAIR’s library of reusable components for deep learning with 3D data - facebookresearch/pytorch3d

Facebook recently released PyTorch3D, a deep learning library that is specifically designed to account for computer vision in 3D. This gives us tools to develop and test deep learning models on 3D structures such as meshes and also provides new tools to work with camera poses and optimization problems in Python.

Dan Miller on Twitter
“Excited to share a little sneak peak of what @vishnuganti and I have been working on. It’s a cross platform #AR UI system built on top of @unity3d AR Foundation. It gives you the ability to show and fade UI depending on different types of apps and tracking types. #MadeWithUnity https://t.co/siXdbnV9h1…

Follow Dan Miller, one of the coolest AR people on twitter. Here, he's showing the ability to show and fade UI depending on different types of tracking types.

Hart Woolery on Twitter
“Beta’s here! Important, while this will work on any #ARKit capable #iOS phone, the best experience currently requires 2+ camera on the back of the phone (otherwise no 3D filters / depth masking). DM me issues or post them here. https://t.co/tkDwzpP1HG https://t.co/MOJtiVqv31…

Love this  🦄

Neil Gupta on Twitter
“Apple expanded Quicklook to allow actions directly from the AR experience. This makes sense - rather than just try to make better AR experiences, make it part of the whole process of digital try and buy. Here’s transition from Home Depot site on Safari to AR w prompt to iMessage https://t.co/pMeZJk1KZk…

Apple's AR QuickLook allowing interactions in the QuickLook scene that help users along the buyer's journey. In this case, you can begin a question about the product from the AR screen. All while using no app!

andy bacon on Twitter
“Using Google Poly to source assets at runtime. Now you can create almost anything! #VR #gamedev #indiedev #Oculus #Google #madewithunity https://t.co/umtOiJGxMg”

Conjuring 3d objects from letters in thin air during a VR session. Super cool.

Ankur Handa on Twitter
“PointRend: Image Segmentation as Rendering https://t.co/vVXaIXnF2P They use adaptive sampling around regions of uncertainty to refine the labels going from coarse to fine resolution inspired by graphics based rendering techniques. code: https://t.co/R86gZHYksA…

High-quality image segmentation of objects and scenes using "adaptive sampling around regions of uncertainty to refine the labels going from coarse to fine resolution inspired by graphics based rendering techniques".

This is Ascento 2
Find out more about the (Fokus-) project Ascento on the website: https://www.ascento.ethz.ch And follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ascentoethz Mus...

A two-wheeled robot that looks like some sort of alien cricket and it can jump?

Real-Time In-Camera VFX for Next-Gen Filmmaking | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine
Real-time technology is transforming the art of filmmaking, with next-generation virtual production tools coming to Unreal Engine. At SIGGRAPH, Epic Games pa...

Real-time VFX in filmmaking with Unreal Engine. Welcome to the simulation 🤖

Fortnite.VC - Connecting founders and investors through Fortnite | Product Hunt
Fortnite.VC is a platform for connecting founders with investors in a low pressure and fun environment. Founders get to connect and pitch awesome investors, and investors get to source hot companies, all while doing something they enjoy.

Where we landing at? Also, can you sign this term sheet? (I want GTA V support now)

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